Submission Review Fee


"What exactly am I paying for?"

Well, put simply, you are paying to get 'on my radar' and for my time.

Most listings (98.35% Mar 2014) on this site are tracked down and added by me. So the chances are I may find you sooner or later.

However, if you want to speed things up by having me stop what I'm doing and look at your company/organisation, then you have to submit.

(Un-solicited emails, and specifically link exchange requests, are ignored as spam. Sorry.)

Is it renewable?

No! Absolutely not! It's a once-only payment for my time.

This isn't like a traditional directory. I'm not charging some sort of advertising fee. If your organisation is good enough for my visitors at one minute to midnight in a year's time, it'll still be good enough at one minute PAST midnight!


Is there any SEO benefit to me?

Sadly not any more. I've had to 'nofollow' the listing pages even though I am recommending my readers to visit the websites listed, so they are exactly the sort of organic links that should have 'juice'.

Do I get my money back if my submission fails to get in?

No, sorry

I used to do that in the early years because it made me feel more comfortable, but it also made the site look like a pay-to-advertise site, which it most definitely is not, so I stopped around 2008.


It's as 'cheap as chips' to get reviewed and most submissions (88.8%) are successful anyway!

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