What is Travel-Lists?

What is Travel Lists? is an independent 'expert directory'-style website for British holiday-makers and travellers who want to browse a simple list of only the best and most relevant travel providers for their travel research.

There are just three key things you should know...

  1. Companies cannot pay to be listed - only to be reviewed for listing.

  2. I decide if a company is listed, which list(s) it goes in and what is said about it.

  3. is not a travel agency.


Why is Travel Lists so popular?

Three reasons...

1) Independence

Travel Lists is highly selective. Companies cannot pay to be listed in my directory, only to submit themselves for consideration, and it's not an agency - I don't sell anything.

2) Expertise

Unlike an ordinary directory, listings are compiled with in-depth travel industry knowledge and come supplied with background information from me, not the company.

3) Discovery

As the travel industry changes and grows, more and more small independent specialist companies appear, offering amazing travel experiences, experience and personal service. These are the ones I love to find and list, especially when they are too new to appear in the mainstream search engines & other directories.


Er, so how does Travel-Lists make money?

Through Review Fees, Click-through advertising, Affiliate Advertising.

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