Fueling up on Aviation Gin

Me at Culpepers Bar

Did you know, London Gatwick Airport has its own boutique gin distillery?

To be fair it’s not the airport making gin, it’s Nicholas Culpeper Pub & Dining on ‘landside’ at Gatwick’s North Terminal who are doing the distilling.

Culpeper's Pub & Dining, North Terminal, LGW

Culpeper's Pub & Dining, North Terminal, LGW

They opened the distillery in Feb 2016, and I dropped by to try their Aviation Gin after a work visit yesterday to the airport.

The gin – formerly called Nicholas Culpeper London Dry Gin, now renamed in honor of their location – is hand crafted in small batches of under 20 bottles in their copper pot still named ‘Judith’ after the famous botanist, Nicholas Culpeper’s fiance who was tragically struck down by lightning the day before their wedding in 1634.

Culpeper's distillery

The distillery itself

Aviation Gin uses more than twice the quantity of botanicals that most standard gins, including Lemongrass, Coriander Seeds, Cassia Bark, Angelica Root, Liquorice Root, Cardamon Pods, Cloves and Juniper Berries, and it tastes delicious!

Our barman, Mike, took my colleague, John Bell, and I into the tiny distillery for a look.

Needless to say, I didn’t leave without a bottle (£30).

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