These are ice hotels and resorts with igloo accommodation worldwide
Alta Igloo Hotel Definitely one of the most elaborate ice hotels, the Alta is located high up in the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway. It has twenty bedrooms, lounge areas, a bar and a chapel.
Aurora Ice Museum The world's only 'year-round' ice hotel, located in Chena Hot Spring, Fairbanks, Alaska.

It was originally called the Aurora Ice Hotel when it first tried to open in Dec 03 with six bedrooms, a bar, and a wedding gazebo, but the local fire authority ruled that it didn't meet hotel fire regs causing much hilarity in the local press. The deadlock-breaking compromise was a fire extinguisher and smoke detector in each room. Since then, to avoid onerous the fire regs it has been called a 'museum' not a 'hotel', although it is still possible to stay there.

The 134 foot long by 42 foot wide building has four ice galleries with elaborate ice sculptures, ice beds and the obligatory Ice Bar. It came to a sticky end in summer 2004 when hot weather overpowered the refrigeration units and styrofoam panels that were supposed to keep it intact, but since then they seem to have sorted out the refridgeration problems.
Hotel Arctic Stay in one of five luxury (heated) aluminium igloos overlooking the sea in a remote part of Greenland 250 km north of the Arctic Circle. You want me to be more specific? OK, you'll find Hotel Arctic at 69º 14' 40" North, 051º 03' 44" West. You simply don't get much more 'away from it all' than here!
Ice Hotel starLocated in Jukkasjärvi, Swedish Lapland, this is the original 'Ice Hotel' and the one that most people refer to when talking about ice hotels. It features in all the winter activity brochures to Lapland. It is re-built each year (14/15 is its 25th re-incarnation) and is getting bigger and more glamorous all the time. It started at 60 sq m, it now covers 5500 sq m. Highlights are the famous Absolut Ice Bar, an exhibition hall and a wedding chapel.
Ice Hotel - Quebec AKA 'Hotel du Glace', Canada's version of the Swedish Ice Hotel (above) now (2015) in its 15th season. It has over forty bedrooms & theme suites, an Absolut Ice Bar, a wedding chapel, cinema, and exhibition hall/lobby area. It is constructed in December and closes in April.
Igloo Village Krvavec A 'hotel' with multiple bedrooms, dining room & bar, constructed each year near the lifts at Slovenia's Krvacec ski resort.
Iglu Dorf German company (with English speakers) who from 1996 have been building igloo villages (dorfs) for skiers in the Swiss resorts of Scuol and Zermatt (and the Iglu Bar in Davos). Now they've expanded and there are also dorfs in Engelberg & Gstaad and the German resort of Zugspitze (Garmisch-Partenkirchen).
Igloo Village, Kakslauttanen Twenty igloos, an Ice Bar, an Ice Chapel and a gallery. There's also a heated glass igloo where you can lie awake watching the northern lights. The Finnish tour operator Wild & Free organises trips there.
Kemi Snowcastle The fortress walls of the SnowCastle of Kemi on the northern coast of the Gulf of Bothnia (Finnish Lapland) enclose an exhibition area, the Mammut Snow Hotel with 15 stylish rooms, a restaurant (seats are covered with reindeer fur) and a chapel. The Finnish tour operator Wild & Free organises trips there.
Lainio Snow Village Lainio Snow Village in Finnish Lapland near Levi, has an ice bar, a maze and a snow hotel with seven igloo shaped rooms. It has been operating since 2000. The Finnish tour operator Wild & Free organises trips there.
Village Igloo Overnight experience in an igloo just outside Quebec City, Canada. The igloo is comfortable but basic, but there's a heated lodge on site with a restaurant, showers and toilets!


  • Untravelled Paths features an ice hotel at Lake Balea in the Fagaras mountains, Romania.
  • Independent travel agency, Robert Broad Travel, is now specialising in icehotel holidays in Canada and Sweden under the brand, .
  • Unusual Hotels of the World is a collection of 120 bizarre and unusual places to stay around the world including igloos and ice hotels, but also treehouses, underwater lodges, & caves, which you can book online.

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