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There have always been a good number of dedicated cycle holiday operators and organisers, but in recent years this specialist travel industry sector has grown significantly as people look for more healthy, active holiday breaks... and that growth is likely to accelerate in the UK after this year's Tour de France, Olympic and Paralympic successes.


I've expanded what started out as one list with notes, into three...

  • UK Tour Operators - British tour operators, organisers & agents specialising in cycle holidays & tours
  • Local Operators - Local bike tour operators, organisers, agents and other companies, organising & supporting bike holidays primarily in their destination.
  • Overseas Operators - Cycle tour operators from another country taking British cyclists to a third country.

I try to list companies where you would expect them to be, so the UK operators list should have UK-based operators, but sometimes location can be a bit confused. Where would you put a business based in Austria but run by British expats for a mainly British clientele? I tend to put it in the Overseas Operator list.

In the end it doesn't matter. All lists are equal... and hopefully logical.

Interesting/Useful Blogs

Bike Biz - Supposedly a 'trade publication', but everyone reads it. Run by the entirely brilliant Carlton Reid... and I'm not just saying that because he's a mate. Ok, yes I am a bit! ;)

The Guardian's Bike Blog - is a great source of wide ranging ideas, news & info.

The Bike Show - Excellent podcast blog site.

Cycling in Europe - Blog about cycle touring in Europe, especially Germany.

Fat Cyclist - covers on & off-road cycling from a middle-aged father perspective.

The Bike Noob - does exactly what it says on the tin. IE talks about cycling from a noob perspective.

Copenhagen Cycle chic - there's something compulsive about a site full of photos & videos of stylish Danish cyclists. But if you like a little more text with your images, try Copenhagenize.

Bike Rumor - Cycling news site.

Bike Hugger - All singing all dancing bike blog site with a good Travel section covering destinations and travel-with-bike experiences.

Bike Overnights - Bike touring around the USA. There doesn't seem to be much of it they haven't covered!

Bicycles & Icicles - A blog about cycling in Alaska.

Bicycle Porn - Cycling in Europe (Berlin, Zurich and Barcelona) and Australia.

Amsterdamize - Uber cool Dutch cycling blog full of ideas and bike porn imagery.

Useful Resources

biciklo - Describes itself as a "comprehensive guide to cycling holidays around the world"... which it is, mostly.

GoBicycleTouring - is a directory, with reviews, of cycling related blogs.

Bicycle Tutor - Resource portal, stuffed full with useful video guides on how to fix bikes.

Movelo is a German network of electric bike rental stations and e-cycling holiday providers in Germany, Austria, Italy and Alsace in France.

Image: Flickr/Chris Juden

Someone missing?

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Just the companies worth bothering with

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