These are medical, and travel companies specialising in medical tourism - usually for cosmetic surgery, fertility treatment, dental surgery, eye surgery, or other specialist treatments - in overseas destinations.

NB. You may not enjoy the same level of financial security and protection if things go wrong when you book directly with an overseas company.

Furthermore, both the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and ABTA warn that customers cannot be certain of the standard of surgeons and medical care abroad, will not be covered by travel insurance if complications occur, and in that event may need further expensive treatment back in the UK.

And, just to be absolutely clear, on this page my site-wide disclaimer goes double: I have nothing to do with these companies, am not recommending them, and have no information about the quality of their service. They could be surgical geniuses or dangerous quacks!
Aadi Medi Tour Medical care, surgery and treatments in India. Their specialities are cancer, cosmetic, dental, stem cell, cardio, neuro, mental health and joints.
Beauty Hungary Plastic surgery and dental treatments in Hungary.
Clinic BeauCare A wide range of cosmetic surgery in Belgium with registered surgeons.
Cosmetic Surgery - Philippines Cosmetic plastic surgery.
Cosmetic Surgery Travel U.S. company specialising plastic surgery vacations to Thailand.
Cosmetic Vacations Wide range of cosmetic procedures, treatments and surgery in Brazil.
Dentaprime Advanced dental treatment at a clinic in the Bulgarian Black Sea resort of Varnia.
Dentist Abroad Dental services - cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, crowns, dental bridges, etc - in Budapest, Hungary. They also have a London office where they do consultation and carry out minor treatments and check ups.
Hair Palace Ok, I agree. The name isn't inspiring but it's the UK version of the HairHungary clinic in Budapest, specialising in hair transplantation and hair loss treatments. Accommodation during treatment is in a selection of apartments and 3-4 star hotels.
Hair Clinic Hungary A hair transplant clinic in Budapest, Hungary.
International Gamma Knife Clinic State-of-the-art gamma knife surgery (treatment for brain tumors and dysfunctions) and recuperation in Palm Beach, Florida
International Surgery Laser surgery in Venezuela. They specialise in buttock & breast augmentation.
Nord Bariatric Gastric surgery clinic in Vilnius, Lithuania, specialising in obesity treatment.
Operations Abroad Represents 24 hospitals in 14 countries (particularly Malta & India), providing full travel and support service for patients needing most types of surgical procedure (particularly non-cosmetic).
Smile Dental Services Dental implant clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria, specialising in treatment of UK patients, with short break accommodation in a nearby hotel.
Smile Savers Dental surgery in Hungary.
Surgeon & Safari Cosmetic surgery, dental, ophthalmic, orthopedic, infertility treatment, etc. hair transplants and cosmetic procedures. (Not clear whether you're expected to enjoy a safari before or after surgery! A.)
Surgical Attractions South African medical tourism company offering specialist cosmetic surgery/plastic surgery, recuperation and rejuvenation holiday packages.
Surgical Experts A wide range of medical and surgical treatments at 'elite' hospitals in Germany or Europe.
Unident Union Clinic in Warsaw specialising in implant dentistry, general esthetic dentistry and non-extraction orthodontics. They organise flights and hotel for patients.


  • Croatia Travel is a traditional UK tour operator to Croatia, that also offers "dental vacations" to Dubrovnik for cosmetic and surgical dentistry.
  • The International Medical Travel Journal has a large database of international medical health companies and providers.
  • Medical Tourism is a specialist directory of companies offering medical treatments to international patients. It has more comprehensive listings than we can offer on this page alone.
  • is a searchable database of medical tourism providers, particularly dental specialists. So for example you find and directly compare dentists from Hungary, Poland, Thailand, Mexico, Greece, etc. Read reviews, testimonials, prices, etc.
  • is a community site where patients swap advice and reviews on medical services overseas.
  • claims to be the UK's largest online private health care guide. It IS pretty comprehensive! It is published by Intuition Communication.
  • Is a comprehensive guide to health and medical tourism in over 30 destinations worldwide. They have testimonials from patients who have undergone cosmetic, elective surgery and dental treatment abroad, but they have also launched (June 08) a ratings and reviews system for medical tourists to share and rate their experiences of individual hospitals, clinics and medical tourism agencies. Published by Intuition Communication.
  • A health tourism site, published by Intuition Communication, with a specific focus on Hungary.
  • A health tourism site, published by Intuition Communication, with a specific focus on Cyprus.
  • A health tourism site, published by Intuition Communication, with a specific focus on Spain.
  • A searchable database of 1,000+ self help organisations and support groups across the UK that provide support, guidance and advice to patients, carers and their relatives. Published by Intuition Communication.

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