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There are a good number of dedicated motorbike touring holiday operators & organisers. Some organise guided group tours abroad. Others organise group tours or self-guided itineraries based around their own accommodation or motorbike rental services.


There are two lists...

  • UK Tour Operators - British tour operators, organisers & agents specialising in motorcycle touring holidays
  • Local Operators - Local bike tour operators, organisers, agents and other companies, organising & supporting motorbike holidays primarily in their destination.

Interesting/Useful Blogs

My Rides - Chris Neary's route review & information site.

Motorcycle Touring - Two American riders writing about motorcycle touring in the southwestern states and Mexico.

The Fearful Adventurer - Torre de Roche writes in her travel blog about her occasional experiences, mostly on the back of a bike, travelling in the Far East.

The Texas Rambler - Retired couple tour USA on their Honda Goldwing

Useful Resources

RoadRunner - Motorcycle touring and travel magazine.

Ultimate Motorcycling - News and review site with a touring/travel section.

Bikers Are Welcome - Guide to biker-friendly accommodation in the UK and Europe.

Motorbike Europe - Major guide to motorbike touring throughout Europe and beyond.

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