These are notable warships - submarines, aircraft carriers, destroyers, cruisers, battleships - that have been decommissioned (mostly) and are now visitor attractions, floating, dry-docked or in museum buildings.
Alabama, USS
Battleship, 1942
USA - Mobile, Alabama Wet-berthed WW2 battleship that had a busy, if brief (5 yrs) service.
Cruiser, 1903
Russia - St. Petersburg Wet-berthed historic cruiser that fired the first shot of the October Revolution. More info...
Submarine, 1967
USA - San Diego, CA Wet-berthed former Foxtrot class diesel-electric Soviet submarine now moored in the Maritime Museum of San Diego.
Submarine, 1980
Russia - Moscow Wet-berthed former Tango class diesel Soviet submarine 'Novosibirsky Komsomolets' now a museum display on the Moscow river since 2006.
Submarine, 1968
Kaliningrad - Konigsburg Wet-berthed former diesel-electric Soviet submarine
Belfast, HMS
Cruiser, 1938
UK - London Wet-berthed WW2 cruiser berthed next to tower bridge in London.
Blyskawica, ORP
Destroyer, 1937
Poland - Gdynia Wet-berthed WW2 Polish destroyer. The world's oldest preserved destroyer.
Constitution, USS
Sail, 1797
USA - Charleston, MS Wet-berthed heavy frigate. The world's oldest commissioned warship in active service. More info...
Drum, USS
Submarine, 1941
USA - Mobile, Alabama Dry-berthed WW2 Gato class submarine. Saw early action in the Pacific.
Submarine, 1958
France - St Nazaire Wet-berthed French Narval class submarine now on display in the former U-boat pens.
Georgios Averof
Cruiser, 1910
Greece - Faliron Wet-berthed Greek armoured cruiser More info...
Missile Corvette, 1984
USA - Fall River, MS Wet-berthed former soviet missile corvette, now an exhibit at Battleship Cove, MS.
Holland 1, HMS
Submarine, 1901
UK - Portsmouth Dry-berthed historic vessel, the Royal Navy's first submarine.
Hornet, USS
Aircraft Carrier, 1943
USA - Alameda, CA Wet-berthed Essex class aircraft carrier that saw service in WW2, Vietnam, and recovered the Apollo 11 space capsule.
Intrepid, USS
Aircraft Carrier, 1943
USA - New York Wet-berthed WW2 aircraft carrier with a terrific array of aircraft exhibited on board too. More info...
Aircraft Carrier, 1972
China - Tianjin Wet-berthed former flagship of the Soviet Pacific Fleet and now, like her sister ship, Minsk, a theme park in China.
Massachusetts, USS
Battleship, 1941
USA - Fall River, MS Wet-berthed WW2 battleship. (I visited her once. Very slender, designed to go through the Panama Canal)
Midway, USS
Aircraft Carrier, 1945
USA - San Diego, CA Wet-berthed First of the post-WW2 carriers, she has numerous exhibits on board and 27 restored aircraft.
Battleship, 1900
Japan - Yokosuka Wet-berthed flagship of Admiral Togo during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905).
Aircraft Carrier, 1972
China - Shenzhen Wet-berthed former Soviet aircraft carrier, now a theme park in China (like her sister ship, Kiev).
New Jersey, USS
Battleship, 1942
USA - Philadelphia Wet-berthed WW2 and Korean war battleship
Onslow, HMAS
Submarine, 1968
Australia - Sydney Wet-berthed Australian navy diesel-electric submarine, that left the service only recently (1990) and is now on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum.
Otus, HMS
Submarine, 1962
Germany - Rügen island Wet-berthed Royal Navy submarine from the cold war era and later, serving during the Falkland War & the 1991 Persian Gulf war.
Slater, USS
USA - Albany WW2 destroyer wet-berthed on the Hudson.
Submarine, 1941
USA - Chicago Dry-berthed type IXC U-boat that was famously captured intact, with its enigma code books, is now a museum exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. More info...
Submarine, 1942
UK - Birkenhead Dry-berthed WW2 German U-boat, sunk in the Baltic, raised in 1993. More info...
Submarine, 1943
Germany - Laboe Dry-berthed WW2 German U-boat. The only surviving type VIIC. More info...
Unicorn, HMS
Sail, 1824
UK - Dundee Wet-berthed 46-gun frigate, moored alongside without masts and rigging.
Sail, 1628
Sweden - Stockholm Dry-berthed flagship of Swedish navy sunk in Stockholm harbour on her maiden voyage, and raised in 1961.
Victory, HMS
Sail, 1778
UK - Portsmouth Dry-berthed flagship of Admiral Nelson, made famous at the battle of Trafalgar


  • The Historic Naval Ships Association has many of the above ships in its membership database, with a lot more detail.
  • The National WW2 Museum in New Orleans is currently working on the restoration of a WW2 patrol boat, PT-305.
  • Not exactly a warship, but as well as the B-396, the Naval Museum in Moscow has a rare exhibit - the Alekseyev A-90 Orlyonok Ekranoplan. Only a handful of these extraordinary ground-effect vehicles were ever made.

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