These are companies and agencies that offer translation services to business & leisure travellers abroad.

There are a numbers of agencies who provide translation and emergency support services 24-hrs a day by phone to international travellers. Many of them specialise in offering interpreters in multiple languages to business travellers who need help setting up meetings, etc while abroad, some act as agents on behalf of travel insurance companies, and some also offer translation support packages directly to leisure travellers.
Calluma 01481 825 100 All-purpose translation service with packages for different types of travellers offering phone translation, emergency translation, text translation, luggage tracking, emergency repatriation, etc.
Kwintessential 0845 124 9615 Telephone interpreting and a range of other interpreter services.


  • Google's Translate app for Android has a conversation mode which allows you to speak a phrase in any one of 14 languages and have it translated into any of the other languages in the list.

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