These are postal service operators taking passengers with the mail.
Austria Postbus Postbus service operating year round. Operated by Austrian Railways.
Royal Mail The Royal mail will carry passengers on mail delivery and collection routes. There are over 200 Postbus routes carrying more than 125,000 passengers a year in the UK, mostly in outlying rural areas.
St. Helena Line The Royal Mail Ship (RMS) St Helena, takes freight, mail and passengers to two of the remotest islands in the world, St Helena and Ascension.
Swiss Postbus A key part of the transport route in Switzerland. Since 1921 the Postbuses, the name for the 1,958 yellow buses owned by Swiss Post, have been crossing the most beautiful Alpine passes which cannot be accessed by railway. Together with the other Postbus routes in Switzerland, the buses make journeys that surround the globe five times daily and transport 97 million passengers annually. In particular there are seven scenic Postbus routes in the Swiss Alps connecting famous holiday resorts like St. Moritz and Lugano or Andermatt and Grindelwald.


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